Introduction of QR Invoice - what SMEs need to know

Since 30 June 2020, it has been possible to receive QR Invoices (or QR Bill) instead of the usual payment slips.

The QR Invoice (QR Bill) modernizes the Swiss payment traffic. The first QR Invoices arrived at bill recipients on 30 June 2020 instead of the usual inpayment slips. The QR Invoice can be recognized by the Swiss QR Code. This code contains all the relevant information for convenient, automatic and efficient payment.

The advantages
  • Invoicing in CHF and EUR
  • One QR Code for all payment types and references
  • The digitalization of the data enables more efficient payment processing and payment monitoring
  • Improved data quality thanks to more and more precise information in a standardised form
  • Continuously automated payment references from the ordering party to the recipient
For the recipient
  • Simplified Invoice processing
  • All payment information digitally integrated in the QR Code
  • Fewer errors when reading in
  • Saves time and money, because less manual effort
  • Supports digital payments and payments by post or at the post office counter
For the biller
  • Simplified payment reconciliation, less manual effort
  • Electronic transmission of all payment information
  • Printing on normal white paper
Bill recipients have various options for paying a QR Invoice
  • Via e-banking: Open the e-banking application, scan in the Swiss QR Code with the QR Reader or with the integrated camera and trigger the payment with one click. It is still possible to enter the payment information in the QR Invoice.
  • Via Mobile Banking: Open the mobile banking app on your smartphone, scan the Swiss QR Code with the QR reader function and trigger the payment at the touch of a finger.
  • By mail: The QR Invoice also works like a payment slip (payment section and receipt), which can be paid at the post office counter and payment machine or sent to the bank as a payment order in an envelope.
Author: SIX Interbank Clearing (June 2020)

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