QR Codes in marketing campaigns

In the absence of clickable links and impressive experiences on many offline marketing media, QR Codes are the bridge between offline and online in the smartphone age. Boost your business and conversions with our QR Codes posibilities.

Smartphones are ubiquitous. It’s all about accessing everything in a snap and getting the information instantly. Customers are done with anything that’s slow and time-consuming. One of the trending channels in the marketing industry therefore is the QR Code. They build the bridge between offline and online and enable impressive experiences with your brand directly on the smartphone of potential customers.

Direct customers to a landing page
An interested person simply scans the relevant QR Code on their smartphone, and it leads them to a page of your choice. Link them to a specific landing page instead of the home page of your website. Landing pages focus on a single objective that matches the intent of your adverstising or other place you put your QR Code. Thanks to our dynamic qr codes you can change the landing page whenever you want or optimize the conversion with A/B testing.

Bring your billboards to life
Billboards are a great way to draw attention to your product in real life. But it is difficult to make them alive and measure their conversion. Link potential customer to a digital experience (this might be a stunning video or a beautiful landing page) that will long be remembered. Thanks to QR Codes you can even generate valuable leads and measure the conversion of your offline marketing media.

Analytics with strong KPIs
Built-in analytics show how often your qr codes have been scanned. One of the strongest KPI is our heatmap: It shows you on which days of the week and at what times your QR codes work best.

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