QR Codes in stores and shop windows

Shopping in the store and online are merging more and more. With our QR Codes you connect both worlds. Boost your business and conversions with our QR Codes posibilities.

Shopping in the store and online are merging more and more. While the physical shop becomes more of a showroom, the purchase of products is done more and more online. The advantages are obvious: More choice and delivery to your home. With our QR Codes you connect both worlds.

Up-to-date information around the clock
The windows of your store are the perfect advertising space, because even when your store is closed, potential customers still walk by. With a QR Code you can provide potential customers with the latest information, be it opening hours (the sticking of opening hours is over), current offers or simply redirect them to your online shop.

Provide in-store discounts
Add a QR Code Coupon to dressing rooms, on table tents at checkout, and on clothing tags to encourage customers to check out your new website and redeem the coupon.

Learn more about a product
Customers are becoming more conscientious and interested in the products they are buying and are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly, ethically sourced or local products. By placing QR Codes near products like clothes oder groceries, retailers can provide customers with more information about the sourcing of the product, or even, inspiration like recipes. inspiration always means a possibility for cross sales.

Connect the physical store with your online store
More than half of shoppers begin their purchase online, but customers still like to see, feel, touch, and test a product before purchasing. But there is rarely enough space to display all variations of a product. Use qr codes next to products to show the customer your entire range. This way they can also view a product and order it from your online shop if it is sold out in the store.

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