QR Codes for restaurants and bars

Gastronomy stands for hospitality, creativity and the passion to create extraordinary experiences. Our QR Codes support you with a variety of possibilities. Boost your business and conversions with our QR Codes and analytics.

From the entrance to your restaurant or bar, to the presentation of your offer, to the strengthening of customer loyalty. Let yourself be inspired and discover the possibilities our QR Codes offer you:

Up-to-date information around the clock
The entrance door or windows of your restaurant are the perfect advertising space, because even when your restaurant is closed, potential customers still walk by. With a QR Code you can provide potential customers with the latest information, be it opening hours (the sticking of opening hours is over), current offers or simply your contact details for reservations.

A menu that makes you want more
With a QR Code your menu comes to life. Show your guests where your regional ingredients come from or give them more information about the great wines you offer. Or show them great pictures of your dishes - guests often don't dare to order dishes they don't know.As a bar you could, for example, offer your guests the recipe and ingredients of your Signature Cocktail for download. This is how branding works today!

Give your guests a voice
With a QR Code on the table set, on a table stand or on the receipt you encourage your guests to rate your stay. Ratings help you to identify potential for improvement and to perfect the experience in your restaurant.

...and don't forget the awesome analytics
Through our beautiful graphs you can see which QR Codes perform strongly and on which weekdays and times of day they were scanned the most.

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